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Meet the Cast of Midsummer! Spotlight on Benvolio Tomaiuolo (Snug/Lion)

Ben has been working with Classics on the Rocks at various fall workshops for the past few years, and we're beyond thrilled that he's finally able to join us for a full summer production! With a name like his, he was clearly born to do Shakespeare. His Snug the Joiner (Lion!) can roar both gently and fiercely. As can Ben.

What's your #1 bucket list role, Shakespeare or otherwise?


What do you do when you're not acting - or what would you do if you weren't an actor?

I'm a chef and I manage a restaurant.

What's your most embarrassing childhood memory (that you're willing to share)?

Nothing embarrassing, I've always been awesome!

If a movie was being made of your life which actor would you choose to play you? What's the movie called?

Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill in an action comedy called 'Pizza Driver'.

Join us this summer for one of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies filled with frolicking fairies, a ridiculous troupe of actors, and the most epic love triangle ever seen.

A Midsummer Night's Dream performs July 12, 13, 19, 20 at 7pm and July 21 at 5pm at the Alchemical Theatre Laboratory. Tickets may be purchased in advance here.

About Classics on the Rocks:

Shakespeare doesn't have to be complicated and it's our mission at Classics on the Rocks to make classical theatre accessible, exciting, palatable, and fun for everyone - whether you're brand new to Shakespeare or have read the canon cover to cover.

At Classics on the Rocks, we believe that just as whiskey doesn't need anything more than rocks to tame its bite. Shakespeare doesn't need fancy concepts, modernizations, frilly costumes, or big sets to make it relatable. All you need are talented actors who trust the text and tell the story. It's classics served simply on the rocks.

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