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We're Back! Live and In Person!

Summer 2022

2022 AYLI (1200 × 628 px).png

When: July 21, 22, and 23

Time: 7pm ET


145 W. 28th Street

3rd Floor, Theater

A country split in two. Love found in the most unlikely of places. Families torn apart and brought together. Music, clowns, and a surprise ending. As You Like It is a story of ordinary people caught in the midst of extraordinary circumstances trying to find their place in the world and survive the only way they know how. 


The setting

A country split in two. The city - controlled by a rich, temperamental duke known to throw temper tantrums with a penchant for bear baiting and wrestling. The forest - home to a band of exiled men and women rallying around the former Duke, working communally, striving to find a better way of living, celebrating what little they have through music, food, and community. 


The people

Celia and Rosalind, cousins with a sisterly bond, are banished as a result of the ruling Duke’s (Celia’s father) temper. To protect themselves they take on new aliases and run off to the woods hoping to find Rosalind’s exiled father and peace.


The catch

Just before she’s banished Rosalind meets the charming Orlando and falls desperately in love. Little does she know, he too must run to the woods for safety after angering the Duke. Soon their paths cross and Rosalind must decide just how far she’ll go for the sake of true love.


Join us live and in person July 21, 22, and 23 at 7pm ET for William Shakespeare’s As You Like It! 



Julia Baker -  Rosalind

William Downes - Jacques

Karl Hawkins - Orlando

Veronique Jeanmarie* - Denis, Corin, Sir Oliver Martex, and Hymen

Clare McKelway - Adam, Audrey

Julie McNamara - Aymens, Lord 2

Sam O’Sullivan - Duke Frederick, 2nd Brother

Corbin Puryear - Le Beau, Silvius, Lord 1

William Reid - Charles, Duke Senior, William

Sharon Romano - Celia

John St. Croix - Oliver, Lord 1

Patrick Taaffe - Touchstone

Jacqueline Wladis - Phoebe, Lord 2


*As You Like It is an Equity Approved Showcase. Actors indicated with a * are appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.


Production Team:

William Downes, Director

Katie Prudente, Stage Manager

John M. McKoll, Fight Director & Intimacy Director

Sharon Stevens, Production Manager

Covid-19 Safety

Classics on the Rocks is thrilled to return to LIVE and IN PERSON performances for the first time since 2020! To ensure a safe and secure environment for our audience and cast - our venue requires that all audience members must:


  • Show proof of vaccination

  • Wear a mask throughout the performance

  • Have their temperature checked prior to entering the building

When: July 21, 22, and 23

Time: 7pm ET


145 W. 28th Street

3rd Floor, Theater

Classes and Coaching

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Previous productions from Classics on the Rocks...

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The Shoemaker's Holiday (Summer 2021 - Virtual)

Thomas Dekker’s (the Ringo of Elizabethan playwrights) “The Shoemaker’s Holiday” is a slice of life from the streets of London. Complete with everything you’ve come to expect from an Elizabethan comedy: disguised lovers, disapproving and meddling parents, and a “King-in-the-box” ending. After a year of living in uncertainty and fear, as we begin to see the light at end of the tunnel and a return to normalcy there is a collective desire to exhale, celebrate, and truly embrace all that life has to offer. In Shoemaker’s Holiday, there is a similar undercurrent - as the seemingly endless war begins to abate, and fear for the unknown transforms into cautious optimism our characters find themselves feeling hopeful and in search of their happily ever after.

Copy of Shakesday_ Connect, Create, Cele

Shakesday: Connect, Create, Celebrate (Spring 2021)

An evening of live streamed performance of sonnets, stories, monologues, songs all celebrating that man from Stratford and our creative community. And of course, as always we’ll wrap up the night with a rousing rendition of happy birthday and a toast to that brilliant bard.

As You Like It Resized for FB.png

As You Like It (Fall 2020 - Virtual)

A country split in two. Love found in the most unlikely of places. Families torn apart and brought together. Music, clowns, and a surprise ending. As You Like It is a story of ordinary people caught in the midst of extraordinary circumstances trying to find their place in the world and survive the only way they know how.

Much Ado About Nothing (Summer 2020)

Love at first sight, a "merry war," and a whole lot of eavesdropping lay the foundation for Shakespeare's witty rom-com that teaches the importance of listening, trust, and doing the right thing.

Shakesday: Connect, Create, Celebrate 

While we couldn't celebrate together in person this year, we whole-heartedly feel that now, more than ever, there is a need to create art and connect with community. Theater help us to embrace the bonds that tie us together and celebrate the resilience of the human spirit. And if anyone understood the resilience of the human spirit and the power of theater to inspire others it was Shakespeare. And so, Shakesday lived on!

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Summer 2019)

One of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies filled with frolicking fairies, a ridiculous troupe of actors, and the most epic love triangle ever seen.

Shakesday 2019: Pride, Power, and Promises

We kicked off the year with our annual birthday celebration and performance honoring Shakespeare's 455th birthday on April 27th. Shakesday: Pride, Power, and Promises will be an evening of Shakespearean comedy and tragedy exploring what exactly pride and power are, and what happens when promises are made and broken within Shakespeare (and the hilarity and destruction that ensues).

No Commoner Tale (March 2019 Staged Reading)

Helen of Sparta arrives at the dysfunctional household of Troy's ruling family, complete with brides-to-be, an all-seeing sister-in-law, warriors in preparation, and a devoted servant with his beloved royal chicken. But before the Trojan ships are launched in the would-be queen's defense, a jury of siblings must decide the fate of one of their own--and understand what really brought Helen to Troy. No Commoner Tale, or The Final Trials of Helen of Troy is a timely, new verse play that tells the messier version of a familiar story, in a world where women are traded for political advantage and even the most valiant men will sacrifice integrity to protect their power.

The Winter's Tale (Summer 2018)

The elements are familiar - a mad king, consuming jealousy, pastoral comedic festivities, disguises, and star-crossed lovers. But the story continues to surprise us, with its twists and turns from tragedy to comedy, from winter to spring, from life ended to life reborn. A chronicle of jealousy, loss, and finding your way back home - Winter's Tale is an interesting romp through every human emotion. 

Shakesday 2018: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

In honor of William Shakespeare's 454th birthday and Classics on the Rocks’  5th anniversary we are celebrating with some of the Bard’s best comedic and tragic scenes exploring misunderstanding, miscommunication, and mistaken identity. This one-night-only event will have bewitching beauties, bothered beaus, and bewildered bawdy clowns packed into one big birthday celebration...we weave together these fascinating tales of star-crossed lovers, bumbling fools, and witty women in one hysterical and touching evening. 

Twelfth Night (Summer 2017)

A shipwreck, mistaken identities, women dressed as men, and a most wonderful love triangle. Does it get any more Shakespearean? This is the quintessential love story.

Shakesday 2017: Love & Laughter

In honor of William Shakespeare's 453rd birthday we are celebrating with the Bard's best scenes filled with romance, intrigue, and comedy. We all could use some extra love and an evening of raucous laughter right now and this one-night-only event is certain to delight.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll sigh with joy and longing... Join us as we weave together these fascinating tales of star-crossed lovers and bumbling clowns in one hysterical and touching evening.

Julius Caesar (Summer 2016)

It may seem that success is gained by ambition, passion, and dedication alone. This is not true. Its thought that removing a problem solves the problem. This is not true. In this cautionary tale of betrayal and faithfulness, we explore what happens when well-meaning people striving to create change forget the one thing that matters

Shakesday 2016: The Women of Shakespeare

In honor of William Shakespeare's 452nd birthday (and the 400th anniversary of his death) we are celebrating the Bard's brilliance by taking a look at the iconic female characters he created. Together, we'll explore how these classic yet surprisingly modern women handle love, power, strength, and even death. From Rosalind to Juliet to Lady Macbeth, we'll weave together their fascinating stories and explore what makes these women so intriguing and relevant even today. 

Merchant of Venice (Summer 2015)

Merchant of Venice, a story of friendship and loyalty, love and hate, faith and fervor. Join us as we take a humanized look at Shylock, the strong ties of friends and family, and explore what happens when you take life and love for granted pushing the boundaries just a little too far…

Shakesday 2015

Classics on the Rocks launches their season with Shakesday 2015! A one night only birthday celebration for the man we call Master Shakespeare. Shakesday 2015! also lovingly referred to as "Much Ado About the Merchant of Hamlet as told by the Merry Wives of Windsor in a Tempest with Sonnets" will be a fun and fabulous evening of scenes and sonnets wrapped up with a wine and birthday cake celebration.

As You Like It (Summer 2014)

As You Like It is Shakespeare's classic tale of loyalty and love. Join us on this spirited romp through the Forest of Arden, where we explore love, laughter, and misadventure. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll leave the theatre singing about... a horn?

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