Meet the Cast of Midsummer! Spotlight on Will Downes (Peter Quince)

June 30, 2019

Will, in addition to being the Artistic Director of Classics on the Rocks, is playing Peter Quince this summer in what is possibly a too on-brand role (he is pictured to the left as Malvolio in 2017's Twelfth Night). As an actor/verse coach/company leader, Will wears a lot of hats. Don't miss his masterful wrangling of the mechanicals in Midsummer! 


What's your #1 bucket list role, Shakespeare or otherwise? 

Richard III. But it would be the full War of Roses character arc for him starting in Henry VI, and continue on to his namesake play.


What do you do when you're not acting - or what would you do if you weren't an actor?

When I'm not acting, I am bleeding the blue and orange of the NY Islanders, hoping that one day before I die they will win the Stanley Cup. After the inevitable heartbreak of them losing, I drown my sorrows in video games, and Netflix. If I wasn't an actor, I would probably start a classical theatre company that adheres strictly to simple, text focused storytelling. Or teach Shakespeare.


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