Meet the Cast of The Winter's Tale! Spotlight on Alice Rothman-Hicks (Paulina)

June 25, 2018

Alice Rothman-Hicks* plays our utterly ferocious Paulina. When the men onstage cower before the irrational and jealousy-crazed Leontes, Paulina tells it like it is and refuses to back down.


Alice is a New York native with one of the world's most infectious smiles. Besides being a Shakespeare vet, Alice is a singer and voiceover artist. Get her take on The Winter's Tale and NYC living below!




What's your favorite thing about your hometown? 

Well, I'm from New York, basically everything?!? :) I love the crazy energy and the sense of hope and motivation that pervades this city.... it's not an easy place to live, by any means, but I feel like all the people who live here and visit here give it this thriving, vital heartbeat and this feeling that if we all keep hustling, we WILL be able to get shit done and achieve our dreams. I also weirdly love the anonymity of