Meet the Cast of Midsummer! Spotlight on Clare McKelway (Hermia)

June 27, 2019

The lovely Clare is a Maine native and new to Classics on the Rocks this year. Her spitfire Hermia literally throws herself across the stage (after all, she's not so low but that her nails can reach Helena's eyes!). Plus, her embarrassing childhood story is pretty much all of us. Read about her hopes and dreams and then pity her plight in Midsummer!


What's your #1 bucket list role, Shakespeare or otherwise? 

Elphaba in Wicked.


What do you do when you're not acting - or what would you do if you weren't an actor?

If I weren’t an actor I would like to run a used bookshop with an attached cafe where I’d serve coffee, tea, and homemade baked goods.


What's your most embarrassing childhood memory (that you're willing to share)?

I once walked face first into a flag pole because the boy I had a crush on was walking by.


If a movie was being made of your life which actor would you choose to play you? What's the movie called?