Meet the Cast of The Winter's Tale! Spotlight on Lev Harvey (Camillo)

July 19, 2018

The wonderful Lev Harvey joins us for another summer in a more serious, studied role. Camillo is the fiercely loyal right-hand man to first Leontes, then Polixenes. He serves as one of the bridges between the two countries and two acts of the play, and his noble sincerity is riveting.


Lev has much to say about his hometown, his puppy, and the structure of and characterizations in The Winter's Tale. Read on, and catch the whole crew at the Alchemical Theatre Laboratory starting July 20!



What's your favorite thing about your hometown? 

The diversity. Teaneck, New Jersey was one of, if not the first school districts to voluntarily integrate the school systems in the United States. That camaraderie is still very much present and is something you don't find in the neighboring towns.

Also the food. Oh my lord, THE FOOD! If you want to venture to take a bus ride over the GWB to either Chickies or Bagel Twist, you shan't be disappointed!.


What does your ideal Saturday look like?

Sleeping in and taking my pup on a nice long walk through Riverside Park. Then probably bagels because they're the ke