Meet the Cast of Twelfth Night! Spotlight on Mathew Dean Wood (Sebastian)

July 23, 2017


In Twelfth Night, Sebastian has an epic experience. First, he's saved from a shipwreck by a kind pirate, then he's accosted by some drunken fools who want to pick a fight, and then the most beautiful woman in town throws herself at him and asks him to marry her. Illyria is certainly a mad, mad, mad, mad world for Sebastian.


If anyone can portray a character lost in total wonderment and excitement and enthusiasm for the strange yet wonderful things happening to him - it's Matthew Dean Wood. His sweet innocence and chill attitude towards all the crazy around him brings a beautiful genuineness to Sebastian's predicament. 


Get Matt's take on the brilliant bard and Twelfth Night below!



Name: Matthew Dean Wood


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