Meet the Cast of Twelfth Night! Spotlight on Rachel Purcell (Viola)

June 26, 2017

At Classics on the Rocks we believe that just like whiskey doesn't need anything more than rocks to tame it's bite. Shakespeare doesn't need fancy concepts, modernizations, frilly costumes, or big sets to make it relatable. All you need are talented actors who trust the text and tell the story. 


This summer we're so ecstatic to be producing Shakespeare's quintessential romantic comedy - Twelfth Night! Filled with mistaken identities, love triangles, and drunken fools - our cast has been hard at work crafting a gut-busting, raucously delightful production.


Recently, we sat down with Rachel Purcell - our leading cross-dressing lady Viola to get her unique take on that brilliant bard and Twelfth Night.


Name: Rachel Purcell


What character do you